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News & Events

Let's Bounce Forward together!


BinderCon april 1-2, Los Angeles

Please join us for Life After Launch - How to Balance Book Promotion and Writing for the Long Haul
with Elizabeth Marro (author, Casualties), Julia Callahan (Rare Bird Books), Kelly Forsythe (Copper Canyon Press), Michaela Haas (author, Bouncing Forward), Désirée Zamorano (author, The Amado Women)

Every author expects to promote her book when it is launched but when is it time to stop? And if the answer is “never” then what does she need to do to keep her published book(s) going while finding the time, headspace and energy to write the next one? Panelists will share expertise and hard-won lessons. The beauty of this session: everything in it will help writers at all phases of the launch/promotion process. Whether they are traditionally published, self-published, working with hybrid presses, or hope to be published, participants will make helpful connections and come away with resources stored in a shared location they can start using right away or tap into down the road.

When: Saturday, April 1, 3.45 pm
Where: UCLA, Los Angeles, CA
Tickets & Details:

Love, Heal & Grow: The Art and Science of Cultivating Resilience

Challenges are inevitable in life – we all encounter them but how we respond can be the difference between more suffering and experiencing happiness. In this powerful mini-workshop, resilience researcher Michaela Haas, PhD, shares stories and time-tested, empathetic heart practices and tools to transform adversity into a force for greater good.
Together we will explore the new science of posttraumatic growth, featuring tried-and-true methods to turn stress into strength.
Through storytelling, mindfulness meditation, and science-backed skills we begin to reshape the way we think of crisis and learn to thrive even when life seems overwhelming. We leave with a deeper understanding of the strength of the human spirit and powerful practices to transform our life.
Anyone looking to find healing, forgiveness, and happiness in difficult times is welcome.

When: Saturday, April 8, 7-9 pm
Where: Insight LA, Santa Monica, CA
Tickets & Details: Insight LA

LOVE, HEAL & GROW: Am Mindful Approach to Re-Setting Your Resilience
with Michaela Haas, PhD, and Sheila Hamilton

In this weekend workshop, resilience researcher Michaela Haas, PhD, is returning to Omega with her friend and colleague, Emmy-award winning reporter Sheila Hamilton, to share stories and time-tested, empathetic, heart practices to show us how to transform adversity into a force for greater good.
Sheila frequently speaks on mindful mental health, a technique she used to understand and accept her husband’s death by suicide. Her discussions regarding forgiveness, recovery, and the practical challenges of caring for someone with a mental illness are honest, raw and riveting. Author Michaela Haas explores the new science of posttraumatic growth, featuring tried-and-true methods to turn stress into strength. Together they offer various ways to find compassion, healing, forgiveness, resilience, and happiness in difficult times.

When:  October 20-22, 2017
Where: Omega Institute, Rhinebeck, NY
Tickets & Details: Omega

Bouncing Forward: A Mindful Approach to Re-Setting Your Resilience

with Michaela Haas, PhD, and Sheila Hamilton

When:  December 8 - 10, 2017
Where: Multiversity, Santa Cruz, CA
Tickets & Details: Multiversity

Get the new updated paperback!

The brand new, updated paperback edition of Bouncing Forward comes with a new subtitle: The Art and Science of Cultivating Resilience, plus a new foreword. Check it out!

What: Bouncing Forward: The Art and Science of Cultivating Resilience
When: December 27, 2016
Where: Everywhere books are sold

Compassion, Forgiveness & Resilience

We had so much fun at the weekend workshop with the Dzogchen Ponlop Rinpoche and David Kaczynski at the wonderful Omega Institute in Rhinebeck, New York!


My publisher`s talented son Sage captured the spirit of our lovely Bouncing Forward workshop Finding Resilience in Challenging Times at the One Love Festival in Ojai, CA.


How to thrive after trauma and the new science of posttraumatic growth. Watch the interview on Book Circle Online:

Bouncing Forward Booktour

We had a blast at Warwick's in La Jolla, Vroman's in Pasadena, Diesel Brentwood, Chaucer's Santa Barbara, Insight LA in Santa Monica,  Barnes&Noble Huntington Beach, Rigpa San Francisco, and Books Inc. in Berkeley. Thank you for your inspiring questions and comments!

Coco Schumann: The Ghetto Swinger

2016 begins with a surprise: The very first book I co-wrote, almost 20 years ago, has been translated into English and is now available in the US: Coco Schumann - The Ghetto Swinger (DoppelHouse Press) is the biography of Germany`s most famous jazz guitarist who played in Auschwitz for his life. I have learned so much from Coco who is now 91. When I asked Coco what kept him going, he said, “I decided I could either live the rest of my life being broken by Auschwitz or be joyful that I survived.” He is also featured in Bouncing Forward.

Coco Schumann has played with jazz greats like Marlene Dietrich, Ella Fitzgerald, Dizzy Gillespie, and Louis Armstrong. Yet until the 1980s none of his colleagues knew of his experience in the Holocaust. In 1943, at 19 years old, Coco Schumann, who had been playing "forbidden" jazz in underground swing clubs in Berlin, was deported, first to Theresienstadt, then to Auschwitz. In Theresienstadt, he was able to play for extra rations with the jazz combo The Ghetto Swingers.

Booktour in germany – stark wie ein phönix

The German translation of Bouncing Forward was off to a great start! We had awesome events in Frankfurt, Hamburg, Berlin, Munich, and Starnberg.  Get the book! More info about the German edition on Michaela's German website.

Atria forms new imprint

Publishers Weekly announces Simon and Schuster's new imprint Enliven, and its first publication: "Enliven’s first title, Bouncing Forward, by Michaela Haas, looks at posttraumatic growth research from Buddhist and clinical perspectives and will be published in October, 2015."

Buddhafest Washington 2015