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The Book


Deeply personal interviews and accessible tools for discovering the uplifting new science of posttraumatic growth: A cutting-edge look at how we find healing and new resilience after a setback (Atria/Enliven, October 6, 2015).


The uplifting science of posttraumatic growth presents groundbreaking research and proven methods to survive and thrive in the face of challenges. Twelve inspiring role models share their profound insights on how they emerged from hardship stronger, wiser, and more compassionate—such as civil rights icon Maya Angelou, who healed deep childhood trauma; flight surgeon Rhonda Cornum, who found a new purpose after being captured in Iraq; renowned autistic pioneer Temple Grandin, who overcame crippling panic attacks; and famed jazz guitarist Coco Schumann, who played for his life in Auschwitz. In Bouncing Forward, Michaela Haas draws upon powerful storytelling, psychology, history, and twenty years of Buddhist practice to reshape the way we think of crisis.

"Brilliant, inspiring, to be read, re-read, and treasured."
―Linda Graham, MFT, author of Bouncing Back

"One of the most inspirational books of 2015"
―Cyrus Webb, Conversations

"This is so beautiful. The world needed that!"
―Jenny McCarthy, Sirius XM

"Engaging stories of modern survival with uplifting and often surprising takeaways."
—Gay Hendricks, PhD, author of The Big Leap and Conscious Loving

"One of the most helpful, engaging, informative nonfiction books."
―Samantha Dunn, author of Not by Accident

"A groundbreaking book, to treasure and to read over and over."
―Toni Bernhard, author of How to Be Sick

"A great message of hope"
―Claire Fordham, The Huffington Post

"Some of the most interesting research I`ve ever read. I don't think this has ever been done before."―Sheila Hamilton, Kink FM Radio

"This book is phenomenal!"
―Allen Cordoza, Answers for the Family LA Talk Radio

Available as hard cover, paperback, e-book, and audio book, in English and German translation.


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Maya Angelou – Civil rights icon
Temple Grandin – Autistic savant
Roshi Bernie Glassman – Zen master
Rick Allen –  Def Leppard's Thunder God
Richard Tedeschi – Pioneer of posttraumatic growth
Coco Schumann – Jazz legend who survived Auschwitz
Rhonda Cornum – Iraq veteran
Jesse Billauer – Life Rolls On
Cindi Lamb – Cofounder of MADD
Alain Beauregard – Cancer survivor
Meggie Zahneis – Luckiest girl on the planet

and many more plus 60 proven strategies to boost your resilience!

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The German edition, Stark wie ein Phönix: Wie wir unsere Resilienzkräfte entwickeln und in Krisen über uns hinauswachsen, is available from the wonderful publisher DroemerKnaur/OW Barth (who also published the German edition of Dakini Power). Available here.

Find more information on Michaela's German website here!